Professional Triathlon, Cycling

and Run coaching 

by Alex Coh

We offer coaching services for athletes internationally around the world.

It’s time to get active and start your health and fitness journey today - discover how.


Alex Coh's coaching system has evolved through in excess of 22 years competing and training in endurance sports. I take into account your age, fitness level, time available for exercise, overall health, muscle fiber type (determining what kind of training works best) and am focused on giving the best possible results within your available time for training. We all have jobs, family commitments, friends, and every minute of training needs to count.

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Nutrition Planning

Alex Coh's nutrition planning is custom made for every client. I consider your body type, food allergies, your sport of choice, training volume and intensity (where applicable), and create a plan that will provide your body with the right nutrients for optimal health and performance. Nutrition plans also include fueling for training and events as needed (not limited to endurance sports).


Alex Coh has developed bikefitting methods over many years of intensive learning, fitting using different methodologies, all centered around a passion for helping people of all shapes and sizes feel more comfortable and perform better on their bicycle. Your position will be set up based upon your unique physiology and central nervous system response to stimulus, with a focus on; neuromechanical efficiency providing an increase in power, a decrease in respiratory rate, an increase in pedalling efficiency, and most importantly, comfort.

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